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Welcome to Squashlife - your Squash specialist
Welcome to Squashlife - your Squash specialist
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The team
Behind Squashlife is a team of young squash geeks who spend all their time geeking out about squash - especially squash equipment. We live and breathe squash from the time we get up to the time we go to bed, which is why you can always be sure of highly focused, qualified and individualized advice from us. The entire team consists of squash players at several levels, which is why we can put ourselves in the shoes of most players in terms of rackets, balls, shoes, bags, grips, etc.

At Team Squashlife, we live by the philosophy that all our customers must find the racquet and equipment that best suits their style of play. This is done through good, individual advice, which ensures that all the customers' wishes have been met. We want to give you the same feeling as in a specialty store, even if you shop online. We ensure this precisely through the possibility of top-class customer advice via chat, telephone or email.

Our major mission is to be able to help as many Danes and other Europeans as possible choose the best suitable squash equipment for their level and playing style. Through this, it is therefore also our goal to enter many new European markets within the next few years. We want to be one of your primary players in the squash market throughout Europe, but most importantly - we want to be YOUR squash dealer of choice.

Squashlife - Denmark's leading squash specialist

Welcome to Squashlife. We have Denmark's largest selection of everything for squash and always guarantee you the best prices on the market.

We have been selling squash equipment since 2008 and have continuously expanded the range in order to be able to serve our customers in the best possible way. Our store at H.C. Ørsteds Vej 39B, 1879 Frederiksberg opened at the beginning of 2019. Before then we were located at Webersgade, 2100 Østerbro, by the lakes in Copenhagen. We are incredibly grateful and proud of the great interest shown by the squash community and many squash enthusiasts, which means that today we have almost everything you can dream of in squash.

The team at Squashlife consists exclusively of squash experts, all of whom have strong qualifications to guide you to the best purchase. The guidance can either be done in the physical store in Frederiksberg, on the chat or via email to info@squashlife.dk.

At Squashlife, most of the team have practiced various sports at a high level. This means that we have a lot of experience in the transition from other sports to squash, as we have had it all our lives. If you are therefore a skilled tennis, badminton, padel or table tennis player, we have a number of good tips for which racket and other equipment best matches your background and your needs.

Both in the webshop and the store you will find all the best brands in squash. We have not only chosen all the well-known brands such as Dunlop, Head, Wilson, Salming, Karakal, Mizuno, Victor, Pro Kennex, Tecnifibre etc. but also specialists such as Unsquashable, Harrow, Eye, Black Knight and many more.

Squashlife is known for fast delivery and always top class service. We can offer you fast day-to-day delivery with GLS as well as the best service you could wish for with live chat, the option to call and get guidance on 28927220 and the option of physical guidance in the store at H.C. Ørsteds Vej 39B, 1879 Frederiksberg C.

Squash racket

If you are looking for a new squash racket, then Squashlife is the right place to look. We have Denmark's largest selection of squash rackets with +50 models from +10 brands. At Squashlife, we carry rackets from virtually all relevant brands on the market, so you have the best possible selection.

The most important elements when choosing a new squash racket are the weight of the racket, the weight distribution and the material from which the racket is made. The cheaper racquets are often made of aluminium, which is a cheaper and often more durable material than graphite, which the best racquets are made from. The aluminum sketches can withstand more wear and tear in the sense that they don't break in the frame, but often just become crooked, so you can still play with them. However, they are somewhat heavier than the graphite rackets, which is why an aluminum racket puts more strain on the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

The weight distribution in the racket is relevant, because with a head-heavy racket you will get more impact, while you will get a higher degree of control by a light headed racket.

In addition, the shape of the racket head is relevant in your choice, as the shape is of great importance for the characteristics of the racket. A round head shape typically gives you a larger sweet spot, and you thus get a larger hitting area where you achieve good contact with the ball. At the other end of the scale are the drop-shaped and more elongated racket heads. Here, the sweet spot is often smaller, but in return you get more impact in terms of the longer length strings. The longer strings simply give more trampoline effect, so there is more string that is pushed back by the ball and 'bounces' the correspondingly more back.

However, the shape and weight distribution will not be as important in the aluminum sketches, as it will be the significantly higher weight that is dominant in terms of the material.

You will always find the largest selection of various types of squash rackets at Squashlife, where there is something for every taste.We offer both the newest racquets right at release as well as slightly older models at great deals. You always have the opportunity to find your next squash racquet at the sharpest price with us, as we match prices against our Nordic competitors.

See our wide selection of rackets

Squash balls

Squash must of course be played with the right balls that suit you. They are available in different speeds (depending on the level of play), colors and qualities.

Squash balls are made of rubber, so it is essential that the ball is hit well when playing squash. If the rubber is not heated, the squash ball simply does not bounce. The hotter it gets, the more it bounces. For inspiration, you can watch the professionals play and notice how high their balls bounce. This is how all squash balls should bounce - regardless of level.

At Squashlife we ​​have a wide selection of squash balls, so there is something for everyone. We have balls for all levels with a pink dot, a blue dot, a red dot, a yellow dot or two yellow dots respectively. And of course we also have the white balls for use on glass courts.

See our selection of squash balls.


The squash grip is one of the most important and often most underrated parts of your racket. A proper grip on the squash racket is crucial to whether you get the best experience on the squash court. A new grip simply gives you a lot of grip on the racket, while a bad or worn grip makes it harder to hold. As the sweat creeps in, it only becomes more difficult to get a good grip on the handle, and you can feel the racket slip in the palm of your hand when you hit the ball.

There are many types of squash grips, just as there are there are also many different preferences. Some grips are more or less sticky, while others come with or without surface texture. By far the most common in squash are the so-called replacement grips, while some prefer to apply an overgrip on the outside to make it thicker. If you are the type who sweats a lot, then a good piece of advice is to go for the slightly drier grips. A dry grip in a sweaty hand is the best combination if you want to ensure that the racket does not slip. In addition, it is very important to change your grip regularly, so you ensure that you always have the best experience with your racket

At Squashlife we ​​have many different types of grips from e.g. Unsquashable, CX Pro, Karakal, Black Knight and Climax. We ourselves are very interested in grips, and grips in particular are an area in which there is a lot of innovation. That is why we always try to be first with the new, innovative products.

See our selection of squash grips.

Squash clothing

At Squashlife we ​​carry a selection of squash clothing from some of the major brands such as Eye, Joma and Unsquashable.

descends on the accessory. In squash, there are many types of accessories, where sweatbands, strings, squash goggles and insoles are just some examples of accessories that we carry. You can always be sure that Squashlife has a wide selection of all the latest and most relevant accessories for squash.

See our selection of squash accessories .